We Guard All

By Published On: October 13th, 2020
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Data Protection and Security never left the top spot of E-Guardian Philippines’ company principles. Right from the get-go, the management devised a Data Privacy Policy (DPP) and strictly implemented it throughout the company. The policy was aligned with Republic Act No. 10173 or the Philippines Data Privacy Act that aims to protect all types and forms of information be it from local or international sources. The DPP was made known to every team member as early as Day 1 of their service and with the non-stop expansion of EGP, all new team members are oriented and trained to handle private, personal and sensitive information with absolute confidentiality.

As the world took a huge turn due to the pandemic, remote work was enforced. Despite this drastic shift, security was all the more intensified. The management worked hand in hand with our IT experts to carry out security processes remotely in order to guarantee that data protection is highly managed within EGP.

EGP values its clients and stakeholders thus, encouraging its whole team to continuously improve and provide exceptional and secure services to justify our corporate philosophy of “We Guard All” regardless of being at the office or at home.

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